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Lectures and Workshops
Individual and couples coaching can incoporate all of these topics!

The Proper Care and Feeding of your Spouse
How to create more lasting love and passion!
You can transform your relationship by really understanding the power of the 6 Human
Needs. Everyone has these needs but has different ways of meeting them.  Love is about
what we are giving, not what we are getting. Discover what your partner values and what
has to happen to meet those needs. Figure out, maybe for the first time, how to make each
other happy! This is the insight you have been looking for!

You Can Love Your Kids or Hate Your Ex (But not both!)
Creating a functional relationship with your ex for the kids
Divorce has rocked the lives of both you and your child(ren). The arguments have not stopped. Instead
of being about your relationship, it's now about custody, visitation, discipline in two separate households,
the clothes they wear, the food they eat, new spouses, and any decision that needs to be made after
the divorce; putting stress on your child(ren).
**Learn ways to you and your ex can deal with each effectively
**Gain the ability to create a parenting coalition

1+1= 3!
Co-parenting in blended families
Over 50% of kids today are members of blended families. If you are part of a blended family then you know that
the dynamics of a blended family are very different than the traditional nuclear family. We've known for a long time
but rarely are we given any insight about what those dynamics might be. Generally we look to other couples that
seem to have had some sucess at it, and ask their advice. This lecture will begin to explore and understand what
you as "co-parents" need to know, to give you the best chance at sucess.

Everything you wanted to know about life is on your iPod
Life Lessons: Teaching teens what is really important
We are so busy getting through the busy aspects of school and home life that we sometimes forget to talk more
about the strategies that get us ahead in life. This talk will focus on what they need to know in order to resolve
conflict, create productive and fulfilling relationships, and navigate the challenges of adult life.