A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step- Tao Te Ching
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About Me

From the beginning I have wanted to help people. When I was young I thought that the
best way I could do that is to become a nurse. In the later part of my nursing career I
noticed that I was missing something. No matter how good I was at my job, people suffered
not only from their physical problems but also the emotional ones. That insight sparked a
tremendous desire to understand human behaviour.

I left nursing and studied mediation with the Alberta Mediation and Arbitration Society.
From there I continued reading any book I could get my hands on in the area of personal
development. Months into the mediation studies I discovered Tony Robbins and Cloe
Madanes. Not infomercial Tony, but a brilliant person who was able to create a shift in
couples that were looking for a road map back to happiness. Soon after I learned
that Cloe Madanes was offering training to study their approach. I jumped at the chance.  

After my first marriage, I realized that I had alot to learn about how to create a happy
life.  When that marriage ended I still had my two children to care for. They became my
priority in all things. When my second husband came along I was determined not to walk
the same path. What seems like yesterday, I gained two more children to learn from. I
have dedicated alot of time to learning how to suceed in a relationship, how to raise
emotionally fit children and understanding the dynamics of blended families. Now I have
a wonderful, supportive husband and four smart, funny and intelligent kids. I am truly

I want more than anything to help people become present and aware in their life. To 
not just accept the things that life has presented but to craft a life that is exactly what you
hope and wish it to be.